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This weekend we did a photoshoot with a couple of friends, and they turned out very well! The first set is of Cassie and her sister Asia. I wanted more of a darker color for their photo’s and Cassie really liked the blue-green hue so I did that. The Second Set is our good friends […]

Latest Shoot


Hi Everyone, I havn’t posted¬†in quite a while, so here is my piece! The other weekend, Chad and Barb did a shoot with one of Chad’s friends and her friends. The photos turned out awesome and overall it looked like a fun and upbeat shoot, which for me is always fun when I am editing.¬† […]

A few more…


Here’s a couple more from Katelin’s shoot

Here are a few photos from a quick shoot I did with my friend Katelin. I was trying our new firefly strip box flash diffuser with a single canon speedlite.