about us

Barb Briggs – Photographer.  Some say Barb’s the brains behind the operation…well… really only Barb says that! Kidding aside, Barb take a photojournalist or reportage approach to photography. She likes to find those moments as they happen, as well as the details of a day or event, and preserve them through photos.

Barb lives with her husband Dave and her two active young boys, Nolan and Nathan. When she’s not taking photographs, she’s involved in a number of local and international charities and non-profit groups including Cameras4Change,the Fig Tree Foundation and the Africa Book Project.

Chad Cody Doyscher – Photographer. Chad likes fast cars and beautiful women. A bit too cliche?  Yes.. but seriously, when he’s not photographing beautiful brides and portraits, Chad can be found taking action and racing shots of cars and his beloved Subaru. He takes a glamour and fashion approach to his portraits and event photography, adding a modern edge to his images.

Tracey Leduc – Digital Designer and all around goddess. Tracey brings her creative talents as well as her upbeat personality to the team. Constantly experimenting and keeping up on current techniques, Tracey helps keep the rest of us on our toes!

For more information on Urban Blush and to see our portfolio, visit www.urbanblush.com.


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