Too much “shopping”?


Lately when I have been touching photos up, I have had the same thought in the back of my mind:

“How much is too much photoshop?”

These days you see pictures in magazines with highly retouched actresses and models, some who are barely recognizable, and you start to wonder if this is becoming the “norm”. Sure, you can take off 10 lbs, get rid of crows feet and make all of the requested changes for clients, but how do you know when you have gone too far? I have seen images touched up on sites such as Deviant Art or Model Mayhem where the photoshopper has basically made the person they are touching up look like a complete stranger, but the comment coming from the client is that “they love it”. Would the client be insulted or over joyed?

Some things I always try to take into consideration when I am touching up somebody, is what makes that person who they are in the picture? I don’t want to erase what I see as making them unique. Sure they might want their laugh lines erased, but will they look plastic if I do that? I might minimize how deep the lines are, but certain characteristics of people are what make them unique, and while I know that magazines want to make these people look “perfect”, is it worth taking that person’s so called flaws to look like every other cookie cutter image?

I think there is a fine line between wanting to make a client look their absolute best and going to far, and lately I have been thinking about it alot as we get more clients.

How much photoshopping do you think is to much, and how far would you go to look your best?


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