African Boats


So yesterday I said I would spend 15 minutes taking photos each day around some theme and then post them here. Well…didn’t quite work out that way. Instead, I went through some of my photos looking for a common thread. What I found is that I really have a thing for boats!

In July 2008, I was fortunate enough to visit Kenya and Uganda on behalf of the Africa Book Project, the charity I volunteer with in Calgary, as well as visit some communities I was working with through Nabuur. While there I squeezed in some time to take photos, many which were of boats. The boats in these photos were primarily used for fishing, with the exception of the orange longboats, which were used to transport tourists to the source of the Nile, located in Uganda.

The first photo was taken on Lake Victoria in Kenya. I was in another boat on the water. The two gentlemen in the photo were taking a short break on the lake.

Relaxing on Lake Victoria, Kenya

This second photo was taken in Mombasa, Kenya. There were a number of boats on the beach being repaired or just waiting until they were needed again. I was attracted to the bright blue and scrolling design on the front of the boat (sorry, don’t know the proper terminology!).

In Mombassa

These boats may look old, but they are reliable.

Old Reliable

While walking along the beach in Mombasa, I noticed these boats lined up in the water. The turquoise pedal boat seemed oddly out of place here.

Paddle Boat

A number of brightly painted boats sitting on the beach near Lake Victoria, Kenya.

Beached Boats

This boat was on Lake Victoria in Kenya, in a small fishing community. The boat was anchored amongst the grasses with a small hill behind it where the two men are standing, creating an illusion of the boat being very large.

Giant boat or tiny men?

I was drawn to the bright orange of these tourist boats in Uganda at the Source of the Nile.

Orange boats at the source of the Nile


5 Responses to “African Boats”

  1. 1 Eric Ochanji


    You are very good at photography. Things that look so old and useless look good when their photos are taken by a professional hand.


  2. Love all the photos. I find it really interesting how boats vary in shape with the region. Would love to do a photo essay about boats in different regions some day. 🙂 Thanks for visiting A Traveller’s Tale. Regards.

    • A photo essay on boats from different regions sounds very interesting! Look forward to seeing the photos when you do that :-). Thanks for checking out the photos here too.

  3. 4 George Weaver

    WOW! Beautiful shots!

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