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At the Park


Before this cold snap and snow hit Calgary (yet again) we had a few days of warm weather and sunshine. I took the opportunity to head outside to the park to capture a few images. While I did photograph the usual suspects of kids playing and laughing, I tried to capture images that had interesting […]

Seeing Red


About a week ago I was in Arizona with my children, a friend and her kids. It was a short vacation away from the husbands and the cold weather we had in Calgary. We lucked out and missed the ice storm and enjoyed the balmy sunshine! We did quite a bit of traveling with stops […]

Photoshop Image


Here is a touch up that I did on a random girl. Skin, Hair, Blemishes, Eyes, Makeup etc.

Lately when I have been touching photos up, I have had the same thought in the back of my mind: “How much is too much photoshop?” These days you see pictures in magazines with highly retouched actresses and models, some who are barely recognizable, and you start to wonder if this is becoming the “norm”. […]

We were at a friend’s wedding last night and I managed to get a few shots of the cake in while making sure not to get in the way of their photographers. The cake and cake balls which tasted amazing were from Cakery Bakery. I didn’t have my flash with me so I had to […]

Capturing mid-air action can be difficult if you don’t anticipate and react accordingly. Chad and I were out with Ale and Jason a few weeks ago and took these shots. We were lucky that Jason was interested in having fun and trying new things. He decided to attempt a mid-air kick and we had seconds […]

African Boats


So yesterday I said I would spend 15 minutes taking photos each day around some theme and then post them here. Well…didn’t quite work out that way. Instead, I went through some of my photos looking for a common thread. What I found is that I really have a thing for boats! In July 2008, […]