On My Desk


Yesterday I stopped into Chapters and was looking through photography books. I came across one called 50 Photo Projects – Ideas to Kick-Start Your Photography, by Lee Frost. The book gives suggestions for photo projects (as the title implies) to help you see the world a bit different, refine your skills or just try something fun. While some of the proposed projects are rather simplistic (like pick a color or a shape), the idea behind it had me thinking. I often feel like going out and taking photos but blank on what to shoot or spend so much time trying to find the ‘perfect’ shot that I run out of time.

So I decided, each day I’m going to take photos with a specific theme in mind. I won’t spend more than 15 minutes shooting and won’t do much, if any, touching up.

Today I chose things on my desk. I spend hours at a time at this desk. It’s filled with papers, books, and clutter… let’s just say I have a complicated system of organization… Before today I wouldn’t have thought there was much to photograph, but I was surprised to realize there are probably a lot of interesting things sitting on this desk. Here’s a small sampling of items. All were shot at 800 ISO with a 50mm prime lens.

Bucket of staples

Assorted binder clips

One of these things is not like the others


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