Welcome to the Urban Blush Photography Blog!



For our first entry, we thought we would just introduce ourselves and tell you what we’ll be writing about. We’re a  photography team based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with a focus on weddings and portraits.

I’m Barb, older…and dare I say wiser…sister to Chad. I’m sure Chad would argue with me on that point – as would my husband! I’ve been doing photography for about 10 years now, mainly as a hobby and shooting photos for family and friends. I have some formal training in visual design and photography, combined with lots of workshops and practice, but I was always a bit scared to really put myself out there. This year I decided it was time to take that leap from amateur to professional. So I started talking with Chad, who also has a love for photography and he agreed that this would be something we could do together.

So each week you’ll hopefully hear from both Chad and myself, as well as the third person in our team – Tracey. Tracey is our talented digital designer that works behind the scenes to make our photos look even better! Through our blog we hope to share our experiences, share our photos and share a bit about ourselves. We hope you enjoy!



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