Trisha & Jon


On January 14, 2012 we had the honour of shooting the post-ceremony wedding photos for Trisha and Jon. The day turned out to be extremely cold so we were lucky that we had an indoor location to work with. All the photos were taken at SAIT, mainly in the Heart Atrium and the entrance to the underground parkade.

Erika & Alexis


We were a bit concerned…

The days leading up to Erika & Alexis’ wedding were cool and grey, which don’t bode well for an outdoor wedding and photos. But the world seemed to smile down on the couple with sunshine and warm temperature!

Erika and Alexis were married on Saturday October 8, 2011 in a very intimate elopement cermony, held at Fish Creek Park. We spent a couple of hours in Fish Creek Park then headed downtown.  A few photos from the day…

My brother Chad and his beautiful fiance Tracey are getting married in October. They wanted to do something a bit different for their engagement photos, so decided to do some night shots. Whe had a bit of time before the sun went down, so we decided to stop into the fire station that our other brother Jayson works at. He was able to get permission for us to take some photos on a fire truck.

As I was going through the photos, I noticed a little someone in the background. Can you spot him?


Last night Chad and I went out with the intention of taking urban and city photos. Instead what we found ourselves photographing was bunnies in a few local  cemeteries.

I first noticed a white bunny sitting by a grave. Now this wasn’t the native jack rabbit that is common in Calgary. This was the kind of bunny you would find at a pet store – the kind people buy at Easter for their kids. We were waiting for the sun to drop out from behind the clouds, so we decided to take a few photos.

As I wandered around a bit more, I noticed a few other bunnies. There was another white one and a tan-colored one hopping around an alley. We figured they must have gotten out of a cage or been abandoned by the owner. We proceeded to take a few city shots and then moved onto another cemetery. As the sun went down, more and more bunnies came out. There were older fat ones and young babies nibbling on grass, socializing and sleeping. I figure there were at least 20-30 that we saw, but there were likely many more hiding from sight. You know the expression “multiply like rabbits…,” well they do indeed multiply!

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From a photographer point of view, it was great to capture images of these bunnies. However, as I said, there’s a moral to this story…

According to the Calgary Humane Society, there are hundreds of domestic bunnies in the wild around Calgary. They receive at least 3 calls a day from citizens that have spotted the bunnies and  ask what to do about them. The CHS does take in any bunnies if people have caught them; and if they are friendly, will put them up for adoption. However, they do not try to capture them.

The question I began to ask myself was why would someone just release a bunny into the wild? Under Alberta’s Animal Protection Act and federal animal welfare legislation, “releasing” a bunny – or any pet for that matter – into the wild is considered abandonment. According to the Calgary Humane Society Animal Welfare Position Statements abandoned animals often die of starvation, exposure, or killed by other animials or vehicles and leads to unnecessary suffering by the animal. The abandoned animals, especially in the case of bunnies, can quickly multiply and become a nuisance to the community.

The CHS states, “Abandonment is particularly blameworthy and inhumane since pet owners can surrender unwanted pets to the Calgary Humane Society. The Calgary Humane Society is an open admission shelter and never turns away an animal in need.”

I have chosen at this point in my life to not be a pet owner. Even though I grew up with dogs and other pets, I realize the commitment that is required to take care of an animal and I have made a conscious decision to not own pets. Yes, when I first saw these bunnies I thought, “They’re sooo cute!!” but that does not mean that I am equipped to own one. Next time you are considering the purchase  of a pet, do your research on their care and requirements as well as their lifespan and ask your self whether or not you are willing to make that kind of commitment EVERY single day for the life of the animal. They are living creatures that deserve  respect. They are not toys that can be tossed when the novelty wears off.

If you find yourself in a position where you are unable to take care of a pet, consider finding another home or surrendering it to the Calgary Humane Society where it can be placed with someone else.

What started out as a cool, grey  morning, quickly turned into a “hot” day for a number of Calgarians at Olympic Plaza. While the weather may not have caused anyone to break a sweat, the workout provided by GoodLife Fitness at the Canadian Women’s Foundation BootCamp for Shelter from the Storm, definitely did!

BootCamps in four cities across Canada were held on Saturday April 30th. Chad and I were pleased to take the Calgary photographs for this first ever event aimed at raising awareness and funds for Shelter from the Storm – a national campaign dedicated to ending violence against women.

During the early hours before the BootCamp, volunteers diligently cleared away the puddles of rain (and sadly, snow) that covered the plaza the night before. In typical Calgary fashion, both the participants and the sun trickled in at the last minute filling Olympic Plaza with brightly coloured yoga mats, water bottles and lots of energy.

The GoodLife Fitness trainers, accompanied by #67 Dimitri Tsoumpas, of the Calgary Stampeders, kept the pace moving and the smiles shining throughout the entire workout, making it a very pleasant and easy event to photograph!

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Even though the BootCamp is over in Calgary for this year, you can show your support by shopping at Winners/Homesense and purchasing limited edition Shelter from the Storm t-shirts, umbrellas, tote bags, rain boots and other items. The boots are especially cute!

The national campaign for Shelter from the Storm is ongoing until May 8. Funds raised will support over 450 shelters for abused women and their children across Canada. For more information on Shelter from the Storm or other campaigns by the Canadian Women’s Foundation visit or


This weekend we did a photoshoot with a couple of friends, and they turned out very well! The first set is of Cassie and her sister Asia. I wanted more of a darker color for their photo’s and Cassie really liked the blue-green hue so I did that. The Second Set is our good friends Russel and Melissa, who just got engaged a few months ago. Melissa is a fan of black and white, so alot of their photo’s I made B&W and de-saturated as well.

Latest Shoot


Hi Everyone,

I havn’t posted in quite a while, so here is my piece!

The other weekend, Chad and Barb did a shoot with one of Chad’s friends and her friends. The photos turned out awesome and overall it looked like a fun and upbeat shoot, which for me is always fun when I am editing.  Here are a couple that I worked on this past weekend! Excited for all of the shoots that are up and coming! xox


Here are a few interior photos

A few more…


Here’s a couple more from Katelin’s shoot

Here are a few photos from a quick shoot I did with my friend Katelin. I was trying our new firefly strip box flash diffuser with a single canon speedlite.